Operating safely is our number one priority and at the heart of everything we do. All of us at Midsouth Paving work hard, each and every day, to operate as safely as possible. We set safety standards and policies, conduct extensive safety training with our staff and continuously monitor to make sure our standards are adhered to, through safety inspections at all of our facilities and on our jobs sites on a daily basis. In 2009, Midsouth Paving achieved an impressive record of Zero Recordables and Zero Lost Time Incidents, two key measures of safe operation, achieving one of the best Safety records within the Oldcastle Materials Group. Safety training All Midsouth Paving staff receive extensive, ongoing safety training specific to their particular role within the company. Each of our staff takes part in a weekly safety toolbox talk set by our Safety department and at the start of each shift, operations crews conduct a ‘Take 5’ to discuss the safety aspects of work to be done that day. Safety is also a key element of our Leadership/Management development training. In addition to our own Safety department, we also work closely with our parent company Oldcastle Materials Group and external vendors and manufacturers to administer training.

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Monitoring Safety Standards

Our Safety department conducts daily inspections of our plants, quarries and construction job sites, to ensure compliance with company safety standards and to address any issues. Our key goals are to achieve Zero Recordable Incidents, Zero Citations, Zero Fleet Incidents and Zero Yellow Iron Incidents. As a company we recognize the best performing business units, Safety Leadership Teams and projects or jobs that exceed expectations with regard to Safety.

Similar to other organizations in our industry, we work closely with government agencies OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and MSHA (Mine Safety & Health Administration) to ensure compliance with their standards.

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Safety Leadership Teams

In 2008, we implemented a program of Safety Leadership Teams. We now have a total of 20 teams, each comprising 5-7 Midsouth Paving employee volunteers, across the organization. The teams support and enhance the work of the Safety department and also help to raise awareness and ownership of Safety issues among employees.

Teams conduct monthly inspections of each plant, construction site, workshop and piece of equipment. Any issues arising out of the inspections are addressed. SLT teams also produce quarterly a set of best practice recommendations that are shared throughout our organization.

Since their introduction in 2008, Safety Leadership Teams have contributed to a significant reduction in key Safety measures such as Lost Time Incidents, Recordable Incidents, Citations and Fleet Incidents.

At the beginning of 2010, we rolled out Safety Leadership Teams to our Gulf Coast business in the Florida Panhandle.


Commitment to Zero

In 2010, we introduced our Commitment to Zero initiative, an ongoing employee safety campaign which seeks to achieve ZERO injuries, preventable fleet accidents and occupational illnesses. At the heart of Commitment to Zero is a commitment by each and every one of us at Midsouth Paving to take personal responsibility for our safety and that of those around us.

Safety Culture



GCAA (Georgia Construction Aggregates Association) Eagle Gold Safety Award 2011 – Mulberry Quarry

The award is for Safety in the Small Quarry category and recognizes outstanding achievement in worker safety, being awarded to the quarry with the fewest reportable incidents.