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Product Quality


Midsouth Paving is committed to producing the highest quality products. We have Quality Control labs at each of our quarries which ensure the quality of our materials. Our aggregates are certified by the Alabama Department of Transportation, Georgia Department of Transportation, Tennessee Department of Transportation and the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Common tests performed on our aggregates include gradation, abrasion, cleanliness, specific gravity, particle shape and geological properties.

Our QC technicians are certified by their local governing agency and attend training workshops and refresher courses as necessary to maintain their certification.  Many aggregate technicians have experience and certification in asphalt, concrete and construction as well.  Our technicians work closely with our sales team and our customers, including delivering training to our customers’ staff.

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Our asphalt products are certified by the Alabama Department of Transportation and the Florida Department of Transportation.  Each of our asphalt plants has its own QC lab, some of which also serve as design labs.

Our asphalt products are tested both at our plants and on job sites to ensure that each mix conforms to all applicable specifications. Some of the tests that can be performed include asphalt content, material gradations, volumetric properties and mat compaction.

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Density Test of a Paving Section