Environmental Stewardship

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Volunteers planting bald cypress trees at Hollywood Pit, Earth Day 2011

Midsouth Paving is committed to helping sustain the ecology of our region for future generations. Our policy is to implement the best possible environmental health, safety, and conservation practices at each of our locations. We invest thoughtfully, financially, and ethically in the communities in which we live and work. Our environmental plans are developed in ways compatible with our neighbors’ needs and the local environment. We have long-term commitments to minimize the impact of extraction during the working lives of our quarries. We maintain a focus on conservation and environmental concerns. Since 2005, our parent company Oldcastle Materials, Inc. has been designating property for wildlife habitat projects through a corporate initiative across our US operations. Habitat projects on these lands, which vary in nature and scope, are cooperative efforts between management, employees, community members, volunteers, local conservation groups and local, state and federal agencies. We began work in 2010 with the Wildlife Habitat Council in Alabama and have plans to expand our activities into Georgia, see below. Here are some examples of our local environmental activities: Lookout Valley Quarry – Chattanooga, TN At the entrance to the Lookout Valley Quarry is the historic McGill Cemetary. Plant manager JJ Ollis has worked with local agencies to ensure compliance issues were met in restoring the cemetery and clearing overgrown vegetation from the site. Hollywood Pit – Pensacola, FL In cooperation with the Wildlife Habitat Council, staff worked in summer 2010 to create two ponds to encourage fish and wildlife in this abandoned sand mine near Pensacola. For Earth Day 2011, local volunteers, employees and their families spent the day planting bald cypress trees at the perimeter of the pond. These trees will eventually grow to 60 feet tall and will provide hiding places for resident fish and shade for wildlife. In future trees will also be planted on the islands in the pond. So far the site has attracted blue heron, turtles, dragonflies and several kinds of fish. Additional future plans include a wildlife and bird inventory and nature learning events for local Boy and Girl Scouts and schools. Also planned is a picnic with a catch and release fish event. The Hollywood Pit location received Wildlife Habitat Council ‘Wildlife at Work’ certification in November 2011.